A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

After  a battle 10 years ago that nearly destroyed the continents  Snow has returned to find his brother being possessed and is attacking people. Snow must gather his party for an all out battle against the evil behind it 

-warning game is in development and is subject to change -


sneak peak @ earth temple map

added new victory menus and level up menus 

sneak peak at new boss for earth temple

added new item menus

added new shop menus 

added the ability for formations and removal of party members

added ability to discard items

Install instructions

Windows: download use a unzipping program click on game.exe and play 

Mac Os: download use a unzipping program click on game.app


Snows Journey v1.0.3.rar 269 MB
Snows Journey v1.0.3.rar 166 MB

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